Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today in history ... Anarchy at the Bunnies Buffet

I just realized today, that just a few years ago, this very week .... this was a view of my world:

For only 1 week out of the whole project ... we were tossed out of the house (wisely, I might add), while an army of construction guys tore the roof of of the house!  (You can't joke about this stuff!!)

Now you know why the "Bunnies Buffet" had to start from scratch... my yard (and house) "was in ruins, all I treasured was gone"!  Early in my blog I wrote about the journey back to normalcy (which is relative, mind you).  There was the carnage....  then there was the 'building blocks' .... and then there was the restoration plan.

"The Kitchen" - in theory
It all comes flooding back to me now, in an acid flashback (metaphorically speaking of course).  Living in 500 square feet of space, behind a door --- like in the movie Zathura, who knew what abyss lay beyond?

.... shiver... yep, cold, dark space!

Ok, I'm better now!  But for just a moment, I relived the 'anarchy at the Bunnies Buffet'!


  1. It takes a brave women to take on a restoration project on their home. My Mom did this about then years ago and lived in her RV and garage for months.

  2. You won't regret it after it is complete! I am still waiting for my kitchen to be done. Maybe in a few years, the tile will get done.

  3. Nothing like a major remodeling to make one appreciate a roof over the head and the ability to sleep late without being interrupted by construction workers! Having lived through it myself, I can appreciate what you went through. But now it's over, aren't you glad you did it?

  4. Lifeshwy - SO true!! We lived in the back of the house (aka the bedrooms w/ an exterior door at the end of the hallway to keep out dust & const.workers) for a couple of months. The insulation & drywall went in just before Christmas, and we thought we were 'living large'!

    Rosey - it's been a slow process (as you know!); after the construction was done, I didn't want to hear another screw gun for a year. I still get twitchy! (and there are still somethings that need to be done!)

    Deb - nothing says comradery like living through construction projects! I have no regrets, would do it again in a heartbeat and LOVE the results! I ended up with my dream house w/out having to move!

  5. It must be satisfying to look at all you've accomplished in the years since this remodeling. Looking at your acid flashback photos, though, made me realize why I've been dragging my feet on the planning for an addition on my house; I just don't feel ready for the anarchy. Thanks for the reminder that after anarchy comes fun new gardening projects! -Jean

  6. Goodness, that must have been exhausting, and so hard to see your garden ripped up. I enjoyed following the tale of devastation and renewal - at a safe distance! Though looks as if it was well worth it, and your new garden is taking shape beautifully. Its good fun to have to plan out a new kind of planting because everything has changed.


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