Saturday, October 30, 2010

Surprise! A Bloom in the Garden on 10/30/10

It was an amazing weather day today!  Warm sunshine, gentle breezes - not typical for IL in late October, but we accept graciously...  Here are a few shots to capture the day.

The last few leaves hung precariously on the neighbor's Maple tree.  Most of them crunched underfoot as I walked around the yard.  It's hard to believe the growing season really is over.  One single little Stella D Oro bloom reached for the sunshine from my 'Sun Garden'.   In it's protected corner of the world, I almost think it has become a Zone 6 micro-climate.  Those plants are first to bud and last to hibernate.

A weeping Pink Guara draped itself across the Stella D Oro bloom
The south-facing family room is where all the inside plants hang out.  In good company, the Meyer Lemon chills with the Oxalis triangularis and Hibiscus.

I love watching the leaves of the Oxalis follow the sun around.  You can see them reaching for the light.  Then at night when they close up, they remind me of butterfly wings.

A bold face all the way in mid-October
Re-blooming in October just blew me away!  I always thought roses loved the heat, but apparently my Double Pink Knockout roses are very happy in Fall.  They were blooming profusely until a very recent cold snap.  I caught this bloom a mere two weeks ago!

Pink Guara - up close and personal
Pink Guara was "'Most Impressive' flower for 2010" in my gardens.  The plants were a gift this Spring, and who knew they were going to knock my socks off.  The blooms gracefully dip in the wind and are still blooming.  Delicate as fine china... hardy as the north wind.


  1. How wonderful to see your rose blooming away at the end of Autumn ... such a lovely surprise. It's such a pretty pink ... and your Stella is a stunner. Love that top shot ... but, as you know, I adore these Autumn shots as the change of seasons is not something familiar to me.

  2. Really nice shots, especially the leaves against blue sky! Roses seem to perk up here when the weather turns cooler, though less numerous, very appreciated.

  3. Fantastic! I love the Gaura. I managed to kill one of those a few years back and haven't tried again. Happy Halloween!

  4. Bernie - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the rose makes it next year (this is my 2nd time around, so I hope the environment is friendly).

    Cyndy - thanks! October blooms have been SUCH a treat, I really wasn't expecting anything this late in the season.

    Rosey - Pink Guara is new to me, but such a treat! I heard that they are a tender perennial by us, so I don't know if they'll come back next year (but I sure hope so)!


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