Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saving my favorite annuals ? Should I or shouldn't I...

November 7th - HOW did we get here?

Blue skies of November 2010
(and an unconventional 60 degree day)
As we cruise into the second week of November I find myself ambivalent to the change of the seasons.  The sun shines down on barren trees while a few really, really hardy plants continue to throw out a bloom or two.

The LAST Rudibeckia bloom
Pink Guara .. just keeps on keeping

"Nothing is over until we say it is!!"
Stella D Oro won't go quietly!

I'm one of those people that embraces seasonal changes.  I'm "ok" with a dormant time of the year... BUT for some reason, right now, I feel very restless?   (I'm even cranking the "Blues" playlist on my iPod.... nothing like George Thorogood or Stevie Ray Vaughn to motivate you!!)

Going dormant...

I decided to give 'saving my favorite annuals' another go.  Last year I had this amazing Coleus that I decided to bring in.  After about a month we had an infestation of gnats in the dirt of many of our indoor plants -- the bulk of them being in the Coleus.  After a week of trying to treat them with organic bug killer, I gave up and just put the plant out in the freezing cold.  (Believe me, I felt horrible !!  .... a heartless plant killer!!!)  The rest of the plants were fine after a few treatments...

So THIS year, after a recommendation from a friend, I tried something else:

"Bag it and tag it!"  (Sorry, just a "CSI:NY" reference!)
Now maybe my friend is yanking my chain, but she suggested that this would isolate any vermin in the pots.  I 'Googled' the idea and didn't find much - other than suggesting using mothballs while having the plant 'bagged'.  So it's been a week, and I just unbagged the two New Guinea Impatiens that thrived in the 'Front Garden' this summer.  They will be in 'holding' in the 3-Season room until they show 'clean' for vermin....  They DO look great so far!

We'll see how it goes!  If you have any other suggestions on 'de-bugging' annuals, I'd LOVE to know your thoughts.  I am in uncharted territory here!  ....and Happy Gardening or garden planning!!


  1. I am clueless about bringing annuals inside. But i am clueless about most things. I will watch and learn. all our annuals have gone to annual heaven in the compost pile. jim

  2. Saving is a good thing as per Martha. Her site always has good info and tips. Me I just water blast and hope for the best. But the problem is less in the plant than what is carried in the soil. And it is way too much trouble to change out soil.

  3. Your plants look great! I hope you succeed this time.

  4. No clues from me...I simply have no idea I'm afraid Shyrlene. It does make me grateful that I live in a climate that retains some green over winter though. But I don't suppose that is a helpful comment :D
    I'm sorry I have been absent from the blogosphere for awhile, but a quick scroll has just revealed some more of your daughter's amazing photos. Wow.

  5. Good luck with plant saving adventure! I have some Cape Daisies swaddled in fleece and bubblewrap in the greenhouse, but I fear my chillies may end up getting turfed out of the kitchen because of the little flies that are living in the compost...

    I love the changing seasons too, but also find myself gravitating to the blues. Rather than looking ahead, as I usually do, I find myself looking back... Goodness knows what that means for my garden next year! Awesome renovation project by the way, I'm sure it is all worth it now, but what a thing to go through...

  6. I hope the bagging works for you. I have also heard the call of the annuals. I have had very little success so will be watching how your project progresses. The plants look really healthy so that has to be a good sign, right?

  7. I am also one who embraces the dormant season, for what we have of it. Good luck on your annuals! I confess that since I tend such a large outdoor space, I have only a small handful of indoor plants, and I don't care to add to their number during the winter. As the saying goes, give me a break!

  8. Day 4 -- all is good! It is really good to know that I am not the only one who has little ("no") tolerance for bugs in the soil. I will opt for the compost barrel if the 'bag it & tag it' doesn't work!


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