Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Carnage Begins ....

And the demolition began … all we had known was about to change!

Nothing will give you a shock to the system like having your neat, green, ‘gingerbread’ backyard scraped raw. We broke ground in the fall, even before the leaves started to turn.

The mature Sunburst Locust tree held up brilliantly, in spite of more than one violation to its branches. You may notice one tender branch hanging precariously in front of the bobcat’s bucket.  There were mounds of dirt pushed every which way, and the remains of the cedar deck piled high in the back corner of the yard.

The front yard would also not go unscathed. The arborvitae and yews were pulled up and removed. (In all fairness, they were over 20 years old, grossly overgrown and were really planted too close to the house by the previous owner. They grew awkwardly out at a strange angle, searching for sun from their full-shade location.)  My husband had been threatening to tear them out for years -- but for me, you don't touch something that grows!  It breaths life back into the air!     ...and so 'The Before' 

Then, "The After"

If you can imagine, this was only a fore-shadowing as to what was to happen to the inside of the house. I may post a picture or two of the renovation, just as an inkling of the “fun & festivities” – but all in all, it was worth every minute, every dollar, the challenge and all the insanity!

It would take 7 months to complete the renovation, and that would leave us in April with a beautiful home and a yard that was ready to start from scratch!
…and I mean scratch!

Ok, here's a snapshot that will welcome you to our world....
And the story goes from there.....

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