Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day "Study Break"

Apparently I've stepped into a time warp and gotten 'lost' for the last two and 1/2 weeks?!?  It's not that I haven't been gardening, thinking about gardening, obsessing about dandelions and thinking about the 'Bunnies Buffet' -- I just haven't been online for more than 30 seconds...

But today, I'm going to take advantage of "Mother's Day" and blog about Mother's Day Brunch and our 'field trip' to the McDonald's Corporate campus in Oakbrook, IL.  There is a whole amazing campus in prime real estate in Oakbrook --- as we all know, there IS money in burgers & fries.  There is "Hamburger University" and the "Lodge" (run by the Hyatt) where we had brunch.  One of the most outstanding features of the campus is the landscaping --- here are a few key shots I took with my little cell phone camera:

It was a stellar day - with cool breezes and clear skies....

While I know the campus has been there for a while, the mature trees give a placid feel to your view

Always a 'guppy' for a body of water, I could have stayed in this spot for hours!

And the 'biggest bang for the buck' was the Pansies, planted in copious amounts in time for Mother's Day!

I've missed my garden blog friends and checking in to see what everyone's been up to!  It's been 'Bozo's Circus' here at the "Bunnies Buffet", now I just have to get caught up!  Does anyone know the name of a good dependable landscape company?  ... because I'm about to go 'postal' on my 'Dandelion Fields', and can't seem to get any landscapers to call me back to excavate the beast weeds and help me plant some grass seed !!!!!!!!!   ...HELP!


  1. Hello Shyrlene! Great to see you back in the blogosphere, if only for a moment! Can't help with landscaping tips I'm afraid :)

  2. Hi Shyrlene, too bad those bunnies can't eat up the dandelions. Look up some info on corn gluten. It is non toxic and prevents dandelions from coming up. As for the current ones, that's one of the reasons I got rid of most of my lawn. But that is usually a long term project. Mow the pretty yellow heads off so they don't set seed. :) PS - I have changed my blog to -I will put your blog link on it - Gloria

  3. I will give you the advice once given to me. "Spray now, be organic later"
    My garden is 14 years old but I would still be digging out mature Wistaria if I had not been given the above advice. I have never sprayed since. And, by the way grass is a monoculture, uses too much water and requires mowing etc. I have what I call a Laisser-faire lawn, if it's green I let it.

  4. Heidi - its GREAT to be back!

    Gloria - thanks for the info on corn gluten (at this point I'm ready to rototil the whole yard)! I'll make sure I update your link.

    Sandra - I love the idea of a 'Laisser-faire lawn' ... and I'm right there on that philosophy! I am definitely going to reduce the size of the lawn - less IS more!!


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