Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What a Difference a Week Makes!

I don’t remember April being such a dynamic “grow” month?! Last year at this time, I was up to my eyeballs in weeds. (Apparently my charming daughter caught me in the act of weeding last April – unsuspectingly, as I listened to something on my iPod attached to my back pocket.) 

(Note -- "Weed and Muck Hell")

I remember Day lilies coming up, and the Pasque Flower being an early riser in the past – but WOW, this year the perennials really have gone wild! I’m in ‘Garden Nirvana’, and it’s not even Mother’s Day!  This weekend I fell in love with my backyard again! The Crabapple tree has flower buds that are bursting at the seams. The Columbine has naturalized itself all underneath the Redtwig Dogwoods.

The textures and the colors are so striking. I’m enamored and went crazy taking pictures…

The “Center Glow Ninebark” (Physocarpus opulifolius)

The boldness of the Royal Purple Smoke Bush (Cotinus Coggygria) and the Bugleweed (Ajuga reptans)…

The texture of the greens on the “Crimson Pixie” Asiatic Lily

The whisper-softness of the Cheddar Pinks (Dianthus gratianoplitanus “Firewitch”) flower bud…

And I had a friend bearing gifts!  I inherited some Hostas and Rudibeckia harvested from my pal's garden, and I only had to trade some Asiatic Lilies and a few branches of that crazy leafing Redtwig Dogwood from the front stoop's big pot.  Awesome!!  AND.. can you believe I haven't even peaked yet?....

I started my 'Southwest Garden' with the planting of "The Three Wiseman" - the Emerald Green arborvitae that found their way into my truck last Sunday!  You should have seen the "happy face" on my husband when I was ready to plant those babies!  (I can't believe he's still talking to me!) 


  1. Ha, ha! I know that "happy face"! I've seen it on my husband too.

    Your garden is looking good!

  2. Shyrlene, I know just what you mean. After our little snow event last weekend, the weather warmed up and suddenly spring flowers have started to bloom -- little white violets, bluets, and creeping phlox, as well as some native woodland plants. I find myself going out to walk around the garden 2 or 3 times a day just to watch the plants grow. :-) -Jean

  3. Your arborvitae look great, as does your whole yard! I am sure your hubby is quite proud of those arborvitae, whether he admits it or not. This has been a great spring for us with mild temperatures and plenty of rain. I hope everything is developing good, strong roots that can sustain through the hot weather that is coming.

  4. It has certainly been an April to remember. Don't you just love getting gifted plants from other gardeners.


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