Friday, March 19, 2010

Crank the Stereo… Open the Windows… and twitch with Spring Fever!!

I ‘skipped school’ today (instant 3-day weekend) and all I have to say is YAHOO! One day until spring and it’s another sunny, +60 degree day in the Land of Lincoln (which we relish with reckless abandon). The windows are open, letting in the cool almost-spring breeze and the iPod is cranking out the tunes!! (For those that are interested, I recommend a new ‘jewel’ I found last night: Eric Hutchinson – “You Don’t Have to Believe Me”, what a jammin’ little tune!)

…my ‘Jammin’ Kid’ (not Eric Hutchinson)

Any whooo…. I can’t remember a season I have been SO stoked to start gardening! As I have said to many of you in comments on your blogs – I live vicariously through you as I see these mature, lush gardens you have and look a the few meager plants starting to poke through the soil here. I took a little tour this morning around the yard – looking for ‘what’s up’? So… here you go….

It’s SO little, but I’m so happy! My Moonbeam Coreopsis just started to peak out!

The oldest living survivor in the land… my Paprika Yarrow! Thank goodness for ‘Divine Intervention’ and the wisdom of Mother Nature. [Give Shyrlene hardy, prairie-friendly perennials that encourage her delicate garden psyche!] ;o) 

The ‘Wise Guys’ of the yard – the bullet-proof Tiger Lilies, are ‘first’ out of the ground and give me the false illusion I might know what I’m doing?!! 

What I have to look forward to – captured by my young budding photographer (& daughter when she admits it).

Incarcerating “Willow” – a necessary evil to protect her from the ‘Garden Predators’, “Peter Rabbit”! Bring the Easter Baskets – leave the plants ALONE! Strangely, moss has taken root in a few areas of the yard. I’m not sure how I feel about that? You may notice it in the bottom right corner of this picture. (This is the future area of the “Southwest Garden” – an area of afternoon sun.)

Carnivorous Bunnies! My Golden Privet is NOT a tooth sharpener! 

The dreaded dandelion! They are everywhere!! I do not look forward to starting to root those things out, but with the ground soft and the dandelions small – it’s never going to get better than excavating them now! (Again, I say ARG!) 

What I really, really like:
• SPRING! (Woohoo!)
A Growing Place opens for business on 04/01/10!
• A beautiful Spring sunset: 

Yay! Buds on the Maple trees!  Come on Spring!!!!!!


  1. Yeah for signs of Spring! Your tiger lily looks like a really pretty one. I'm just trying more daylilies for the first time here. Hope the bunnies leave your poor plants alone. Enjoy your nice weather!

  2. Come on over to my blog and see my bunny damage. I tell you what--time to get a rifle....

  3. Hi Shyrlene - Yea spring! I feel your delight. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog -G


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