Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Little Friendly Competition.... The 2010 "Golden Manatee" Awards

A while back Rosey, from Dung Hoe, introduced her blog readers to this charming and fun website:  Along Life's Highway - The Yard Art Game.  I have become a frequent visitor and back in October even submitted a 'yard art' entry I had seen.  Low and behold, it was featured on the blog (Princess Gnome)!  (Imagine my thrill! -- and the thrill of the yard art owner, I might add)

Princess Gnome Bride - not your everyday yard art!

Well, I just found out that this little 'gem' still has a few more minutes of fame!  For the next day and half (Tuesday, 1/4/11 at 8pm ET through 1/6/11 at Midnight ET), it will be in the running - along with 24 other worthy candidates - for a "Golden Manatee" award!!   Check it out!

The 2010 Golden Manatee Awards are not to be missed!  Like the "People's Choice" - YOU can review the candidates and VOTE!  If you haven't had a chance to visit "Along Life's Highway", you really should.  The author and participants have a wonderful sense of humor and dry wit - and the yard art featured is not anything you may have seen anywhere else.  Enjoy!


  1. Shyrlene... This posting was so cute! I am accepting bribes...

  2. Yeah, I love seeing my blog up in lights!!!! Good luck, this is a great yard.

  3. Tufa Girl ... let's talk! (BTW - "Chairees" is the new classic! You are my hero!)

    LifesHwy - I believe this year's "Golden Manatees" are going to be off the charts! I'm convinced that "Laura" (w/ her current 49 votes) is either a Ninja computer programmer OR a member of the Duggar family (TLC '19 & counting'). I do give her props for her - "Fetch My Flying Monkeys" blog name & content!!

  4. So cute...Thinking to put similar like this in my garden. Cute post ;)

  5. Blimey, and I thought I had a screw loose! My yard art is currently going through a deconstructivist phase!

  6. Congratulations! Hope you have many more minutes of fame with the Gnomes.


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