Friday, December 31, 2010

SkyWatch Friday - 12/31/2010

SkyWatch Friday is a great meme.  If you haven't seen it - check it out!!

Always with my eyes to the sky, I had to take a moment to appreciate a few "skies" on our recent adventures.   Here are a few of the "500" pictures I took in our travels.... surprisingly, some of the most scenic views were where you least expected it!

Haunting images of a Wind Farm in Western Iowa

Sunset in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

A Western Iowa farm enveloped in recent snowfall

Nothing like a little travel to calm the nerves and sooth the soul...
Happiest and healthiest of New Years - in 2011 


  1. Beautiful photos! I bet my brother-in-law built one of those windmills (he does that).

    Happy New Year, BB!

  2. Tufa Girl! I envy your skills & contributions on "Life's Highway"! (what a rockin' blog!)

    I can't even imagine what it takes to build those windmills? They are freakin' huge! (and a little intimidating). Just this year I've seen them in Indiana, Iowa and eastern Colorado --- Iowa was the 1st tho, at least 4 years ago.

    Thanks for stopping by! Happy New Year!

  3. More than the windmills, the snow on the ground caught my eye!


  4. MMT - Thanks for stopping by for a visit, and especially thanks for including the link to your blog, Heartsong! I appreciate your fresh viewpoint of the Wind Farm photo.... there was an iridescence that day, and I took some of my most favorite pictures!

  5. Beautiful skies. I am waiting for the 497 photos that you have yet to share. :) Happy New Year!

  6. Shyrlene, thank you for your generous compliment and encouragement...yours was the last comment I saw before going to sleep...what a positive way to end the year and start afresh! Thank you ;) A happy and joyous new year to you!

  7. Shyrlene, thank you for your kind comment while visiting my blog "The Gardening Life". I truly appreciate when others take a moment to announce their visit.

    I really like the last photo in this post! Great composition, great balance and wonderful winter scene!

  8. Your photos are lovely! Some of the most beautiful photos are of winter skies! Your last shot of the Iowa farm is very effective; it made me want some hot chocolate!

  9. A beautiful collection of sky views, Shyrlene. I find winter skies extra special. -Jean


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