Saturday, January 22, 2011

Garden Plans for 2011 - Even On a 12 Degree Day

There is a charming blog, My Little Garden in Japan, that is taking the Blogosphere by storm.  The blog owner, Fer~, recently created a meme:  World Garden Blog Carnival.

new year gardening resolutions

Visit New Year Gardening Resolutions Blog Carnival

at my little garden in japan
His 'call out' this time around is - "Gardening for the New Year".  I'm a little late to the party - his invitation came out for January 17th, but I've been thinking about just what I want to accomplish......

(from Microsoft free clipart)
My 'theme' this year is going to be "BAM! Yes, I meant to do that!".

This will be 'Season #3' of recreating the landscape from scratch, after our home renovation.  Last year was a banner year of accomplishment - roughing out the main gardens in the back, while continuing to add perennials through-out the landscape.  In the Fall, I even posted on future plants I'm mulling over.....  As I look out the windows today, Spring feels very far away.  My poor PJM Rhododendron (Rododendro P.J.M.) looks like it wants to curl up into itself!  Like it just can't get small enough to protect itself from the cold.

Will it ever be Spring?
(Notice - the ever present bunny tracks)
The Vicary Golden Privet (Ligustrum x vicaryi) and Dappled Willow (Salix integra 'Hakura Nisbiki') stand stoic - frozen in time and place by wind and snow.

I realize that connecting with other garden bloggers has helped me learn more in almost one year (soon to be my 'Blogoversary'), then I've learned in 6 years of gardening.  Garden blog Ink & Penstemon had an interesting post lately about blogging, blogs linked to Facebook and gardening (it's thought-provoking, you should check it out).  There was a debate about 'garden blogging' versus getting off the computer and get out to garden...  Well I, for one, hope the garden bloggers that I follow - never stop blogging!!  You are my virtual garden mentors and Mensas -- my garden design and inspiration would be greatly diminished without you.  (So don't get any crazy ideas!)

Paprika Yarrow and Moonbeam Coreopsis
Persian Shield - 2011 'compost'
Sedum - looking a bit like Nick Nolte's mug shot? be the judge....
So as I look at the frozen "Tundra", and iced plant remnants from 2010, I start looking forward.  Two, OK three prevailing areas loom in my head.

Area #1:  (plant a lot, plant fast growing and plant often!!; and maybe it would make a great "moon garden"?)

Area #2:  (Plant more perennials, extend the 'Shade Garden' along the fence line)

Area #3:  (What's next? ...extend a shade garden under the bay window?.. additional garden(s) framing the driveway?  Hummmm....time to get out the colored pencils and graph paper.)

And finally - because I needed hope for Spring - a snapshot of the Summer of 2010:
"Sweet Dreams" Threadleaf Coreopsis
(Coreopsis rosea) 
Happy garden planning in 2011!
(Thanks for the motivation:  "My Little Garden in Japan" blog)


  1. Cute images and now I see the bunny tracks and bunny protection. Good luck on your third year design. There is a wealth of information to be found in blogs.

  2. Your garden looks great! I am sure you will have tons of fun getting it just the way you want.
    I hope you the best for your projects for the starting year!
    oh, and those flowers look beautiful!

  3. GWGT - Thanks! The 'bunny protection' has made a world of difference!

    Fer~ Your meme was a great idea. You have a lot to contribute to the garden world! Thanks!

  4. Congrats on your approaching blog-aversity. Your garden is coming along nicely. I too have been enjoying reading fer's meme.

    I think your sedum just got insulted.

  5. LOL! Yes, the sedum does look like Nick Nolte. (I've always loved that shot of him.) It looks like you have a good idea of what you want to accomplish this year. I'm still reviewing my photos from last year, trying to figure out what to do next.

  6. Shyrlene, Those curled up rhododendron leaves look familiar. (Happily, though, I don't have rabbit tracks.) Your plans for the next garden season made me realize that I need to stop making endless and ever-expanding lists of plants to include in my new flower bed and get out my graph paper and colored pencils and start designing! Thanks for the push. -Jean

  7. LifesHwy - thanks for the early shout out on my Blogoversary; I'm really itchin' to get started gardening - which is problematic since I won't be able to plant anything until the beginning of May!

    Ms.McG - I couldn't help myself, I just had to post his picture... it was freakishly similar to the sedum! I'm afraid my 2011 garden "plan" might break the bank?

    Jean - isn't the 'rhodie' so sad looking right now?! I was looking at my 2011 'wishlist' and started having heart palpitations - it's a longggg list!

  8. Shyrlene you are funny! Loved those images - especially Nick Nolte - a little scary! Best of luck with your plans. I look forward to seeing your post about how they are coming along.

  9. I see a definite resemblance between your sedum and nick Nolte's mug shot! It sounds like you have a lot of plans and a lot of work to do! I look forward to seeing your garden as it progresses. Meanwhile, keep dreaming, and I hope your snow is gone soon!


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