Sunday, January 30, 2011

Epic Fail...

It is never good to get over-confident in garden skills, especially if you 'take it indoors' for the inhospitable Winter.  I glibly brought in a couple of Rex Begonias this fall, thinking I might successfully 'winter' them for visual interest in the house.

In 'happier days' they looked amazing.....

Rex Begonia "Sonic Sweet Purple"
Rex Begonia - Painted Paradise
While on Christmas vacation, we forgot to leave "please water me" instructions.  That was the beginning of the end.  (Note to self:  Never, never, never neglect delicate plants, especially in the "non-season" - they will not recover.)

The hard, cold reality....

Only the clover is growing in this pot.....

There is hope here - for one lone "Painted Paradise" plant!
Not being a fatalist, there are some bright spots today, at the end of January (besides the fact that it IS the end of January).  In the fall, I did bring a Fuschia too.  It appears to be a bit hardier and is actually growing.

Fuschia - 'chillin' out' on the hearth
So, lessons to be learned for inside gardening...  and put the Rex Begonia in the 3-season room, in preparation for 2011 composting.  Happy Gardening planning....


  1. Oh boy. That truly is an epic fail. I have had some of those this winter too. It is shameful to admit I killed an ivy, an aloe vera and at least one Amarylis. I didn't even go anywhere so I can't blame anyone but myself.
    At least your compost will benefit. :)

  2. Poor guy. Hope he gets a good burial in the compost heap, Shrylene.

  3. Oh dear - isn't it nice that we can still make compost when things go wrong :)

  4. Oh Shyrlene, so sorry! At least when we kill plants we can add them to the compost hope and know they will nurture hopefully more successful cousins in the future...

  5. Oh, I did that with the office plants. I took a two week hiatus off of work and came back to death and destruction. I hope it was a good vacation!

  6. The 'dead plant in the pot' picture definitely made me wince when I looked at it. In person, I was still in denial... Keep watering it! There has to be life in the roots somewhere?!!


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