Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - 10/06/10

"Pretty in Pink" sisters in the garden - 10/06/10
(Pink Guara & Double Pink Knockout Rose)

"Kentucky" Clematis
('field trip' photo - 10/03/10)


  1. I love that clematis with just enough rusty trellis to frame it. It's a great shot!

  2. Gorgeous, Shyrlene. I love the clematis, too! One of my faves!!!

  3. So pretty ... that's a gorgeous Clematis.

  4. IG, Kimberly, Bernie -- thanks for the kudos on the clematis shot! I'll have more pictures to post soon...

    I looked like a stalker tramping through my friend's new yard --- but the flowers in her Kentucky gardens were just wonderful! (I'm sure her neighbors thought I was a nut job. They were much more into building custom cars than Clematis and Dahlias) ;D

  5. Beautiful, particularly - as everyone else has said - the clematis.

  6. Shyrlene, I'm a bit late in getting caught up with your blog, but I just wanted to say that these are gorgeous flowers. I especially love the gaura/rose combination. -Jean


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