Sunday, August 8, 2010

Garden Ramblings on a Rainy Sunday Afternoon....

It's a windy rainy Sunday afternoon which seems perfect to appreciate the gardens from the 'inside out'.  One of my OCD garden habits has been to make sure my gardens look just as interesting when standing inside the house - looking out a window.  Even my son, a 19 year old, appreciates his new window view - and sent me this shot this summer (while I was at work):

"Nice view out my window, huh?"  (his quote!)

My daughter's view ... she hasn't provided any feedback!  ;-)

In my travels of late - I have seen great residential landscaping and I've seen homes with *no* landscaping.  Of course I can appreciate two things:  (1) "interest" in gardening, and (2) "financial resources" for gardening.  I remember our yard, in the beginning - when there was a small cement stoop at the sliding glass door and the Sugar Maple was a sapling.

I've captured a few photos in "drive-by's" and visits....  they inspire me:

I appreciate the clean lines of this front yard...

This yard stopped me in my tracks.  What fantastic boldness in gardening - not afraid to make a statement!

Your eyes aren't fuzzy - just the picture!  But I love how the stepping stones lead a person around..
I also like 'blank space'... it has a big impact, while you are being led around outside space.
...and I am forever looking for patio ideas - though this scale is too big for my future seating...(unless I win the Lotto!)

So, I continue to dream big and remember that 'Rome wasn't built in a day.'


  1. Shyrlene, I still need to learn how to design for the inside view; it's not always easy, so I'm glad your son is properly appreciative! I also love the way you glean inspiration from gardens you pass by in a casual way. -Jean

  2. Hi Shyrlene, I saw this post on Blotanical and just loved it. Good catches on all the neat stuff one can do with their gardens and I especially related to your son calling you. How great is that!

  3. Jean - thanks! I try to think of my 'window view' as if the house weren't really there - like the garden is a peninsula or an island and I'm walking around it 360 degrees. (Does that make any sense?)

    Tina - I'm so glad you stopped by! Thanks for your feedback. (When my kids started commenting on my gardens this year, you could have pushed me over with a feather!)

  4. I think the view of my veggie garden is the worst...floating row and fencing. I never considered how it looked from the inside. Now you have got me thinking and pondering.
    Cute story about your son. I love it when my kids say nice things too about my garden. You think they don't notice but they do!

    Thanks for faving me on Blotanical. So sweet!

  5. I went to the extreme of choosing a color for the dining room curtains that would accent the Japanese maple outside! It is most rewarding when our children notice. I was thrilled when one son brought his girlfriend by to see my garden and another son recommended my blog to his landlord!

  6. We have a cherry blossom as the focal point in our front lawn landscaping. It is the beautiful sight for about one week in the spring!! LOL


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