Monday, July 26, 2010

Admit it, size matters....

OK, that's a cheap hook, but I've really struggling on something to post on!  Maybe it's just me, but now that July is rounding out - my gardens are almost in Limbo.  It's hot, it's humid and I'm getting tired of fighting dandelions - almost as much as bunnies!

At least that was until today - (.... queue the choir .... "Ahhhhhhhhh!")

"Fireball" Hibiscus / Rose Mallow ('moscheutos "Fireball")

I had to 'incarcerate' this beauty from the bunnies.  They would snip off the new growth at the base of the plant, leaving me with a single stalk - BUT, now protected - it blooms!  Based on the upcoming buds at the top, there is a lot to look forward to.

Other little tidbits that seem to be ignoring the heat....

Pink Double Knock Out Rose
(Rosa 'Padtkopink')

The potted plants in the 'Sun Garden' have been thriving in the heat and humidity....  I combined Sweet Potato Vine with Licorice Plant (Helichrysum thianschanicum (lanatum "Icicles") and Strobilanthes (dyerianus).  It's doubled in size in 2 weeks...

Rudbeckia - I love how it is filling in this year !!

It might not be a Resurrection Lily, but the Vicary Golden Privet (Lignstrum x vicaryi") has been my 'miracle' plant - long ago given up for gone.  Grow, baby, grow!

The Meyer Lemon tree decided to randomly bloom.  We'll see what happens!

The textures in the front garden were particularly eye-catching this weekend in the sunshine.  As long as I photograph around the dandelions - then it's my world and I can be in denial about their existence if I want to!

So, I guess there was something to talk about after all - not Chaucer, but something none the less.


  1. You'll be missing the hot and humid days when the winter comes back!

    My dandelions are currently being ignored. I find it's the best way!

  2. I'm a big fan of 'cheap hooks'. They're all I use! lol

    Glad to see I'm not the only one struggling to write about anything garden related. Good thing I'm not ashamed to say I'll just write about other things till my garden mojo returns in the fall lol

  3. Hey, Shyrlene! I think your garden looks great! It really has been hot, and it's difficult to look your best when it's so hot and humid out. Those poor little flowers are trying. The Rudbekia enjoys the heat, though, and it shows! Very pretty! I'm a bit surprised that your lemon hasn't thrived in the heat and humidity. Mine is going crazy, per usual.
    Fall is just around the corner for you. One of the fall plants I miss is the burning's red fall color was one of my faves in my Chicago garden!!

  4. It is difficult to get excited about gardening when it is humid and clammy out. But look at what that heat brought you! Such a beautiful hibiscus tto flaunt.
    Yes, size matters. :)

  5. They're all lovely, but I especially liked the silver and purple combination. Also it's nice to know I'm not the only one who's all blogged out:)

  6. IG - I am definitely just wining! (local weather forecasters are talking about the upcoming radical winter --- I hate those guys, the "Kings of Buzzkill")

    Kyna - I love the hooks in your blog! You have SUCH a creative mind!!!!! :D

    Kimberly - BIG props to your recent "Florida-Friendly Landscape" certification! The Meyer Lemon would probably be thriving if it were outside! (I'm a big chicken, and have been cloistering it inside - I used to have a reason?)

    Rosey - thanks for feedback on the hibiscus! (I am in awe of that plant & the fact that it grows in a 5A Zone as a perennial?!!)

    Wiz - great to have you stop by! I enjoy reading your comments on other garden blogs - and it IS nice to know I have a kindred spirit on the 'blogging' thing....

  7. I'm having a hard time finding any enthusiasm outside now. Mainly i hope for rain, so that the heat doesn't kill the plants. The grass is dying in front of our stone planter, because the rocks are so hot they truly feel like a furnace as they radiate the heat!

    Your sweet potato vine/licorice plant combo is very pretty! If we go hunting, here is always something in the garden to talk about!

  8. Hello Shyrlene! I love the idea of photographing 'around the dandelion'! I can't manage to get around all the weeds with my camera yet so I take a lot of macro shots ;)
    The hibiscus looks lovely, is it ringed by a band of sad looking bunnies that can't quite reach it?

  9. Deb - the sweet potato vine & licorice plants were BIG impulse buys this year (1st time!); I'm feeling the impulse for Spring 2011 too! ;o)

    "Gippy", hi there! I tried to choke out the dandelions with newspaper and 3 inches of mulch - they just won't give up, @#$!%&! The bunnies are very pouty now that the hibiscus is safe from snacking! (ha ha!) But I better not get too cocky, because we will be heading into fall & winter - and they get much nastier and clever about their foraging!


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