Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring is good! The snow is gone...

My temper tantrum has dissipated... the snow's melted and all is right with the world.  What I forget, is that bad weather gives me more time to root (ar ar ar) through my garden books for 'new garden' planning!  That big ole blank chunk of real estate in the sw corner of the backyard is just SCREAMING for attention.  (I can't post without pictures.. so I'll go 'retro' to days when things grew)

I FINALLY bought that Rudibeckia I've wanted for late summer color!!

I see BIG... I see texture... I see color.... I see me chomping at the bit, with lack of patience! 

Columbine - I thought I had killed (geez!!), only to find it had re-seeded itself!  (WooHOO!)

Your gardens inspire me!  You veterans that have started with blank slates, who now enjoy lush gardens and an oasis in your backyards (and side yards... front yards... the "south 40").  As I often say (and my friends will vouch), "The World's round, man!  I'll get there!"  :o)
A creamy, sun-kissed Cosmos from last summer
So, back to the drawing board... now, where are my colored pencils?!


  1. Great to hear that snow is gone! Sounds like you've got a fair sized area to play around with ... what fun!

  2. Shyrlene, I think March is the month of "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute." Or maybe of "If you do like the weather, don't count on it lasting!" After weeks of unseasonably mild weather here, snow and ice melting about a month early, and me starting to think that it was time to go out and start spring cleanup in the garden, the temperature has dropped back below freezing, the winds are howling, and it was snowing like crazy a bit earlier. I definitely need to be patient; not time to garden yet. Sigh. -Jean

  3. It's fun to put in a new garden area, but even those of us who have been gardening in the same place for a long time still have that challenge.
    Soon the Columbines will be blooming. It's too bad they don't live very long.

  4. Hooray for spring! I hope you get lots accomplished, and most of all, enjoy the process of gardening.


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