Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day ... Lots of Smart People Out There

Earth Day image - courtesy of Microsoft Clip Art
(they just rock!)
If you get a bunch of gardeners and landscape designers in a single forum - and it happens to be "Earth Day", you are going to have a LOT of people weigh in on "do" and "don't" ideas.  There might not be a more passionate group of folks.  Not only do they believe in recycling, reducing landfills and not polluting - but they re-introduce "green plant matter" back into the environment.  They reduce lawns - and plant bigger gardens.  They restore natural habitat - like woodland areas, native prairies and plan xeriscapes.

IL Native Prairie - local Forest Preserve
I posted quite a diatribe in my last post, about "Sustainable Gardening", because the more I learn - the more important I feel it is.  Two key elements for me, in my gardens - as I am re-establishing them in the last 3 years - are (1) planting more Illinois Native Plants, and (2) not planting 'invasive plants' for my Cold Zone.   Just today I was reading an excellent post on the Gardens Eye View, "Innocent or Invader".  The author is also participating in an "Earth Day blog project", hosted by Sage Butterfly:  Earth Day Reading Project.  Jean, at Jean's Garden participated in the project as well - one of my favorite resources included in her post was Local Harvest / Farmers Market. The website includes a map of the US - that lists all the local produce businesses in your area.

Thanks to Garden Walk Garden Talk, I found a new garden blog that really caught my eye.  You may or may not be familiar with This Garden is Illegal, but I really appreciate the perspective of her Earth Day post.  I also just read a post from Patio Patch - she had some profound thoughts and great resources on the subject.  All these posts have many links to other garden bloggers and green initiatives.  Check it out!

Often, we don't look into the every day areas around us - Garden Talk Garden Walk put this recent post up:  Street Trees - How Sad.  Dakota Garden planned to change as much of her yard to garden as possible - you can check out her progress from the humble beginnings:  Making a Garden from a Yard.  Deep Middle always has compelling information about eco-issues and sustainable gardening:  Exhibit A-Z for Not Having a Lawn.  Here are a few other links with garden bloggers with something on their minds:  Fairegarden: Earth Day Rant, Wall Flower Studio Seeds: Happy Earth Day, Garden Daze: Earth Day Week - In Praise of Native Plants, and Mr. McGregor's Daughter: Save the Earth by Saving Open Space.

Garden Images at "The Bunnies Buffet" on a rainy "Earth Day 2011"
So on this rainy day in April - Earth Day 2011, Carpe diem.  The animals in my yard certainly are - Robins, Cardinals, to name a few, are in wet weather Heaven - pulling 'Scooby snacks' from the dirt.  One of the resident bunnies is hanging out under the bench - grooming itself as it begins to rain.  So, for a little ray of sunshine - let me post a quick shot or two of a blooming Hibiscus, an indoor plant that I just adore.


  1. Hi Shyrlene,
    Oh - now you've given me heaps more reading to do!
    Seriously, thanks for the links, there a few blogs I haven't come across there and I'm allways looking for ideas and tips on being more sustainable in the garden!

  2. What a great offer reads from blogs. There are so many wonderful posts out there. Thanks for putting so many of them in one spot. And thank you for participating in The Earth Day Reading Project...Happy Earth Day!

  3. Aren't you so sweet to give me a shout out...I so love your post and can't wait to read some of these blog posts...great idea...we sometimes miss some great posts...thx Shyrlene..Happy Earth Day!!

  4. Great post on Earth Day and I'll check out your links, thanks!

  5. Happy Belated Earth Day! Great post and can't wait to check out the links. Also I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your blog, love your writings. Plus the name always makes me smile, love it!!

  6. Thank you so much Shyrlene for the shout out. I appreciate you mentioning the Street Tree post. All week I am having followups on trees. So many bloggers are participating in the meme at Sage Butterfly with some really wonderful ideas and observations. You are right, there is not a more passionate group of individuals. And you mentioned a blog I have not yet visited, but certainly will now.

  7. Shyrlene, Thanks for the link to my blog, and to all the wonderful and informative posts that I had missed. I feel so lucky to get to learn from all those smart people out there; thanks for being one of them. -Jean

  8. Gippsland - great to hear from you! I've discovered new blogs in the last few weeks; always glad to share. (there are such cool bloggers out there)

    Sage - it was my pleasure! I thought your meme was awesome.

    Donna - Your post "Innocent or Invader" was excellent; it's a great reference.

    Heather - thank you!

    Julia - Thanks! The bunnies and I are duking it out right now over my Double Pink Knockout Rose - and again my husband reminded me that I provide them with the 'snacks'!

    GWGT - Always a pleasure to point readers to your posts; I'll be stopping by for more info.

    Jean - you are so sweet! That local market link you provided on your post is the coolest thing, along with the recommended reading. I appreciate your feedback! :)

  9. Hello Shyrlene - you've crammed so many useful links into your stylish writing. Love the montage of your garden for Earth day - rain and all but the wet tree branches are magical. Am impressed with your garden journal image - you look like one organized lady gardener. So glad to have found your blog and many thanks for the shout out and sweet words
    Happy Easter too

  10. Beautiful Hibiscus, and thanks for including all those links, there are a couple there I haven't read.

  11. You have said it well, Shyrlene, how the garden bloggers, and most gardeners feel about treating Mother Earth with the respect and love she deserves. We will make our voices heard. Thanks for the linkage! :-)

  12. Thanks for the links..I will certainly check them out!!


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