Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rainy Days and Sundays ...

I had grand aspirations for today...

April was a month of cold, windy, cloudy weekend weather;  there was not much garden "maintenance" accomplished.  Now there is a pressing need for composting and weeding.  With recent rains and soft ground, pulling weeds should go smoothly.  Well, it would have ... with a forecast of partly sunny, 70 and only a 20% chance of rain today.

Then ... the thunder rolled ...

(From the creative minds at Microsoft Clip Art)
Outdoor plans were cancelled when it became evident this was really going to be our weather for the day.  I love thunderstorms, the smell of impending rain and damp earth.  The rains, with extra Nitrogen from lightning, have transformed all the vegetation outside to a saturated emerald green.

Besides garden maintenance, I had hoped to get some plants in the ground.  After waiting to get past the 'last frost/freeze' date (almost) for Zone 5A - I have had some impulse buys.  I bought a new Hosta (Albo-Marginata Plantain Lily), to fill in a gap in the front garden.  Last weekend, with the intent of window shopping, I found a "Banana Cream" Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum superbum) with my name on it.  (Checking that off the 2012 Wishlist).

"Banana Cream" Shasta Daisy (Leacanthemum superbum)
This past Friday, the local Boy Scouts were having their annual plant sale.  I was able to pick up two more Anemones (sylvestris), a "Turkish Delight" Sedum (ussuriense) and a perennial Pink Pampas Grass (Cortaderia selloana) that could grow up to 8-10 ft tall!  Yesterday, when picking up some compost to plant, I found "Golden Globe" Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis 'Globosa Aurea').   My intent is to pair them with the "Royal Purple" Smoke Bush in the front.  I think the chartreuse-tipped evergreen will contrast beautifully with the dark plumb leaves of the Smoke Bush.

"Golden Globe" Arborvitae - soaking up the rain today
(see the Royal Purple Smoke Bush in the top left corner - a match made in Heaven?!)
Pampas Grass, Anemone and Sedum - waiting for a new garden home
Between rain bursts, I did make a quick trip around the gardens.  Here are a few quick shots...

Sweet Autumn Clematis
(Amazing how delicate leaf tendrils hook a 'death grip' on the trellis; sculptured elegance/steel resolve)
Walk around the garden - 5/6/12
(White Asiatic Lily, Hollyhock, "Fire & Ice" Hosta, Weigela & Cheddar Pinks,
Sedum, Pink Double Knockout Rose bud, Candy Tuft, 'Shade Garden')
And last but not least, the pair of "Wine & Roses" Weigela I planted last year are heavy with blooms.  They are absolutely stunning and I highly recommend it if you like burgundy as a plant color-option in your garden.

"Wine & Roses" Weigela - a new fave in 2011
I also wanted to mention that I have had the good fortune to have two fellow bloggers nominate me for "Versatile Blogger".  Julia at Polka Dot Galoshes and Petro at The Seaman Mom have wonderful blogs you should check out.  My next post will feature the "Versatile Blogger" meme.  I look forward to putting it together!

Until then, pacem, amicis ...

©  All content and photography by Shyrlene Foster @ the Bunnies Buffet (unless noted)


  1. What a shame you didn't get out into the garden this weekend. Still, I suppose the extra rain will make it extra easy to pull those darn weeds. The 'Golden Gloves' will match perfectly with your Smoke Bush. It will be a great combination. Lovely to see your 'Wine and Roses' dripping with buds. Fingers crossed for a clear weekend next weekend! Congratulations on your nominations for Versatile Blogger too!

    1. Bernie - I'm tempted to take a day off during the week, when we seem to have good weather, just so I can play in the garden ?!? Thanks for your thoughts on the Arborvitae/Smokebush pairing. The Weigela has gone crazy with blooms now; it might be one of my favorite 2011 purchases.

  2. Your garden looks like it's off to a great start! Your new plants sound awesome. I love shasta daisies and might be tempted to nibble on one named Banana Cream. Congrats on your award and here's hoping you get more garden time next weekend. :o)

    1. CM - Thank you!! Is it wrong to want "more"? Sometimes I feel guilty when 4 or 5 plants follow me home, but then I see a sign for a "plant sale" and I have to stop in to browse (and buy). (It's a "sprinkley" today, but I have high hopes for tomorrow.)

  3. Congrats on your nomination. Your blog is very versitile with images and subjects of wide-ranging interest. I love seeing your new posts.

    1. Donna - Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

  4. That is quite a shot of the lightening! Wow! So happy to hear that you've found a few impulse opportunities too! So easy to do, isn't it? I have a few right now that need to be planted. Still looking for a spot to squeeze them in.

    1. I wish the lightning photo was mine, but someone with much greater skill was the superstar. Now that it's Mother's Day, it's time to really go wild with planting (no more frost - which seems weird to say). I'm so stoked!

  5. You have a beautiful garden!

  6. Angela - I've been very neglectful of posting on my blog. Thank you for your visit and your wonderful comment!

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