Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Friends Continue to Inspire Me...

Gardening is a facet of my life I never envisioned when I was younger;  it was in my DNA but I was in D-nial!  Now I'm up to my elbows in compost and mulch, and what is even more fun than being in the garden - is taking a stroll in a friend's garden.  Today I would like to feature the treasures in my friend Lydia's gardens.

A little Autumn dressing
From the curb to the back corner garden, you are welcomed, both inside and out.  This post will end up mostly being a photo montage, because sometimes "a picture really is worth a million words".  Enjoy the virtual tour...

There are always seasonal updates...
I didn't fully appreciate the detail in Lydia's gardens until I bribed her into letting me take my camera on a 'walk-about' this Fall.  Nothing says 'up close and personal' like a wide-angle zoom lens.  I won't deny I am envious of her yard art collection, and if any of it 'happens' to disappear - I will flatly deny I was ever there.

Is this not a treasure trove ??  (That Sunflower has my name on it!)
Here are a few strategic views, before I get into the down-n-dirty detail.  You have to see the "Big Picture" to appreciate the visual invitation to stay for a visit.

Autumn Color
Close up - on a Wistful Dreamer
A Little Corner of the World...
Serenity in a Crazy World
And unlike me, Lydia has a guard over her plants - with a sharp eye and a keen sense of smell.  This big boy is always on the look out for the bunny brigade.  There is always the 'ying and yang' of who has the upper edge - but I've heard his bark.  It'll get your attention!

He looks like royalty assessing the kingdom
Continuing the tour... I may have to steal some of her Grasses too.
The Garden Angel that keeps peace n harmony in the backyard.
Now, the 'money shots'!  I'm not really happy until I can get a macro shot of a bloom or two...

'Someone' (who will remain nameless) challenged me to get right up on this shot...
(double-click to zoom in to see why)

Check out this "Pollen-ator"

Note to self:  put on 'Wishlist 2012'

Sweet Autumn Clematis
There was so much blooming and so many beautiful flowers around the yard.  I took advantage of Picasa to make a collage of some of the tender views I was privy to.  The nuances can be missed if you don't walk right up for a closer look (even - in my case - that you have to contort your body to get there).

Bold or subtle - they are not to be missed
And if there weren't enough blooms outside, why not make a statement inside as well!  The photo below was the center piece on her dining room table.  (She would have noticed if they 'disappeared'...)  Lydia was more than generous to let me invade her home, gardens and play with the 'garden sentry'.  I figure if I play it right, I might invite myself back in the Spring / Early Summer - when a whole different set of plants are in bloom!

So, where have your toured lately?  As the chill of Autumn is in the air - it might be time for a trip to the Arboretum...  Hum!


  1. This was a lovely morning virtual visit to Lydia's garden. She does have many treasures throughout.

  2. A wonderful collection of photos! I really need to get Cleome growing. Fantastic post!

  3. What I could see through your pictures was that this garden is much loved. Well cared for. Attended to. And enjoyed. What a wonderful garden, and how nice to have a gardening friend. Love the wistful dreamer!

  4. What a lovely home she has and I am crazy about some of her garden decor.

  5. Your virtual tour of Lydia's garden is a treasure. It's the best kind of inspiration and connection to walk along in a friend's garden and hear and see her enthusiasm and love. You've captured her garden beautifully and I'm sure she is honored to have it shared with all your blogging friends. I'm with you too, on the "wishlist 2012"'s gorgeous!

  6. I love all the little treasures Lydia has throughout her garden. You can see the joy she has there.

  7. GWGT - Thanks! I'm looking forward to sharing her 'Spring/Summer' view.

    Rosey - it was hard to pick 'favorite' photos for the post and thank goodness for digital technology... Thanks for the kind words; walking Lydia's gardens got me stoked for planning 2012.

    Holley - you have a very intuitive eye; a slow stroll that day gave me such an appreciation for how talented Lydia is. (I could sit on her back deck for hours...)

    Lona - I wholeheartedly agree!

    Cat - Why thank you! I admit I had an adrenaline rush and my mind was flying as I looked for the best angle for photos (mentally making notes of plants that were new to me); the 'pollen-ator' shot was one of my favorites.

  8. Tufa Girl - I totally thought of you as I was taking photos of Lydia's yard art; I envy both of your collections ...

  9. Lovely gardens! I so much enjoyed the visit.

  10. Lydia's garden is beautiful. I wish my dogs were as vigilant about the rabbits! I think my favorite photo is of the clematis seed heads. I love the look, so much, that yesterday I ordered a native clematis to plant here this fall.

  11. Carolyn - Thank you! I could spend hours wandering gardens, both in person and visiting my garden blog friends. ***deep sign of happiness***

    Clare - the feedback on Lydia's gardens has been tremendous; thanks so much! Her garden sentry has spent years watching over the gardens, but you know rabbits - they never give up trying! (Lydia shared a bit of her clematis with me and I'm thrilled!) :)

  12. What a beautiful garden to (virtually) spend my lunch hour in. I'm usually a bit wary of yard art, but these are very classy. Thanks for the tour. -Jean

  13. There is nothing like a garden to say welcome, and nothing like spending time with a friend in a garden. Your shots are lovely. I have just returned from Taiwan, and the gardens there are gorgeous. Flowers pretty much speak the same language all over the world.

  14. Jean - Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the 'tour'; it was such a treat to visit and appreciate the creativity of a friend.

    Deb - A trip to Taiwan, wow! I love your comment about 'flowers speak the same language'; how poetic and true! (Thanks for the feedback on the photos.) :)

  15. Your friend has a lovely garden. Those grasses are wonderful! Thanks for visiting The Gardening Life! :)

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