Saturday, June 11, 2011

Is it the "Buffet" or "Bed & Breakfast"?

Gardening this year as certainly been 'interesting' in the Midwest.  It's been unseasonal - continuing to be cool, cloudy and rainy (with intermittent hot & humid days interspersed).   As a matter of fact, I am starting to feel like not only do I provide a "buffet" for the local bunny population - but also 'refuge'.  Case in point:

Bunny 'Foo'
Seeking refuge under the tumble composter during a downpour.
There has been area flooding, but certainly nothing like Tennessee and Louisiana.  Standing water like this typically happens in March & maybe April - not June:

Even the neighbors with dogs try to protect their lawns with orange snow fence.
In spite of it all, my gardens continue to do well.  Here is what is in bloom:

The Pink Double Knockout Rose is in bloom -
protected by bird netting & "budding" Red Twig Dogwood  branches
My classic:  Stella D Oro Daylily bloom
(they've been with me since the beginning - the first time!)
Royal Purple Smoke Bush - reaching for the sky
'Crimson Pixie' Asiatic Lily
New garden addition:   Sweet Autumn Clematis - a gift from friend Lydia's garden
(If it ever stops raining, I'll get the trellis in the ground and get this growing wild!)
Rounding out a garden 'walk about':
From top left: "Wine & Roses" Weigela, variegated  Jacob's Ladder,
Actaea Ramosa "Brunette" Bugbane, Royal Purple Smoke bush, Moonbeam Coreopsis,
Double Knockout Rose, variegated Ribbon Grass, Asiatic Lily bud
It's another cool, rainy Saturday - but there is great hope for tomorrow, sunny and 70.  Time to plant the Bugbane, Jacob's ladder and a couple of new Anemones, to be clustered with the first one.  With all the rain, it does continue to look "lush", like Spring.  Now that I've finished my post, it's time to start surfing my favorite garden blogs.... batten down the hatches my garden buddies!  Can't wait to see what you are up to!


  1. Ahhh, what a respite to sit and look at the rain in your gardens! 70 degrees was a long time ago...your blooms are lovely in spite of all the cloudy, cool days. My stella de oro is still squeaking out a few blooms here and there. Sweet shot of the soggy bunny!

  2. We too are at 70° in the Falls. I am so glad reading what the rest of the country is facing. We too have had our share of rain. Poor bunny, was the hole flooded?

  3. Cat - I feel a bit guilty grousing about too much rain, when you have been suffering from recent drought. Bunny was too cute not to photograph!

    GWGT - our weather seems to run in a horizontal band between me to you (cool & rainy). Everything is lush, but slow to bloom. Bunny is actually living the "life of Riley". They camp out between one of my Arborvitae (they hollowed out a little den at the base) and our Colorado Spruce, not to mention the neighbors deck. Now you know why I'm thinking I run a 'Bunnie B&B'!

  4. Wow - your flowers look amazingly fabulous to have such rain! Poor little bunny - he needed an umbrella!

  5. We finally had rain yesterday, the first time in about a month, and it looks like we will get more today. And it's cooler too, down into the lower to mid 90s. Feels much better : ) Your bunny is smart, and your garden looks lush. I love your purple smoke bush!

  6. I am always jealous of rain. I miss it so since I moved to droughty Colorado.
    I love that color of the Asiatic lily.

  7. The weather is strange all over this year. I hope it balances out soon. You blooms are lovely!

  8. Wonderful blooms but I am glad not to see those puddles in my yard..we are in a dry spell here and I think we may it for a while now

  9. Holly - I am grateful for the rain (and love the rain-drop effect on the photos); I do think even the bunnies are tired of the rain.

    Deb - saying the temperatures are going 'down' into the lower 90's just blows my mind. THAT is "sauna hot" without the choice to partake! (My Smoke Bush is a personal treasure... I wanted it for a long time before I finally found a place for one.)

    Rosey - I can appreciate missing the rain, but sunshine 300 days out of the year sure is a mood enhancer! :) (BTW - I decided I 'need' more of those Lilies this year. Now I just see if I can successfully split them (homework time).

    Sage - it is such a weird weather year; can't remember another one at all like it (and I admit I've been around the block a time or two).

    Donna - Thanks so much. The puddles are over-rated.

  10. Well you are the bunnies buffet! The little critters love you! :) And they're so cute and furry, you can hardly be cross. (Until they start chomping through your begonias, your lettuce...argh!).

  11. We are dry, dry, dry,even with a bit of rain. Another burn ban, means no campfires for people.
    Your garden looks great, despite the rain and flooding. Hope you are enjoying your summer!
    Hope you have an excellent Fourth!

  12. Dianne - there is no denying it, I do feed the local 'fauna'! The cuteness is such a great diversion...clever little things that they are.

    Rosey - it's amazing how extreme weather patterns are this year. Good luck with everything in your gardens. In spite of the rain, it's great watching the gardens get more established. Have a fabulous 4th of July!

  13. Thanks Indoor Fountains - good to have you stop by for a visit! :)


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