Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - 04/27/11 (field report)


  1. Pretty. I like the colorful and bright arrangement.

  2. Lovely...especially the composition and mood of the first shot.

  3. Beautiful shots! and very lovely arrangement on the last photo

  4. I love the mist or fog in the first photo...very nice.

  5. Great photos. I like the leafing-out tree best.-Jean

  6. Shyrlene, you must be jumping for joy! Green grass and blooms!! Woo Hoo! Love your arrangement too!

  7. Magnolia strellata, what a beautiful tree!

  8. GWGT - Thanks! The arrangement was a gift from my family; I think they (family) are keepers! :)

    Cat - Thanks for the sharp 'photo' eye! Even though it was my cell phone camera, I actually did try to compose the shot for interest!

    Fer - great to hear from you! I appreciate your kind words!

    Sage - we've been having Seattle/foggy-type weather for such a long time, even the Weather Channel was making the comparison?! Today it is 85 and humid, go figure -- such typical "Chicago weather"

    Jean - that flowering tree is just beautiful (it's at work); I have to find out what it is.

    Tufa - Thanks Girl!

    Kimberly - you should see me, just a nut-job dancing around (with my iPod on) as I've been up to my elbows in dirt! I'm SO happy! :D

    Indoor Ft. - thanks for visiting and the shout out!

    Lula - I'm SO glad you ID'd the flowering tree. I just wasn't sure, since the blooms are so small. :)


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