Saturday, December 4, 2010

What Is It About the 1st Snow ????

I have lived in northern regions of the US all my life... but even after many years, there is just something about the first snowfall of the season that makes me feel like a 5 year old?!  Today was that day...

High contrast of black and white
While 4-5 inches of snow is not earth-shattering by far, it transformed the 'everyday' to something special, almost sculptural.  Here are a few quick pics.....

PJM Rhododendron - snugged in, protected from the NW wind

Persian Shield - once prolific, is now ready for composting

Karl Foerster
(note to self:  plant more in 2011)

Berri-Magic Holly with Emerald Green Arborvitae in the back ground
(all 'bunny food' has been fenced in for the Winter - hopefully protected)
In all this crystal white wonder, I do love the contrast of one .. little .. item - my Sonic Sweet Purple New Guinea Impatiens.  Brought in before the first frost, it continues to bloom and reminds me of the summer past.  It's getting a little 'leggy', but I selfishly refuse to cut it back - since it is full of flower buds.  (Maybe I'll trim it back after the Holidays?)

Happy garden thoughts..... whether your garden is currently fallow in Winter or blooming in beauty.


  1. Wonderful Post! Welcome to winter, Shyrlene!
    Love the chair picture with the Rhodo. Excellent photo. I can see you've been outside enjoying yourself!
    Have to agree about planting some more grasses. They look so nice in the snow.
    That impatient is really pretty, Shyrlene. If they can be brought in and enjoyed indoors, then why not?! : )
    Keep warm!

  2. Your winter snow shots are really good. No bunny tracks though!

  3. I was not nearly so excited about the snow. I tried to ride in it but all I got was ice balls on the horses feet and snow falling down my collar. Southerns aren't that great in the snow.

  4. Karen - Thanks! I'm watching that Rhodo like a hawk; I haven't had much luck w/ them in the past, so I'm hoping a protected environment will help?!

    GWGT - You are very kind! So far no bunny sightings, BUT I'm still in therapy over what they did to my arborvitae last year!

    LfsHwy - I can appreciate that! We had a couple of quarter horses when I was in h.s. My brothers would ride bareback in the winter -- I knew my limitations! ;D

  5. Beautiful images Shyrlene - no snow here, just frost. I particularly love the first photo.

  6. Very nice, snowing here in Ireland too, means I cant get any work done, but dose give me time to catch up on blogging.

  7. Shyrlene your shots do capture that magic of the first snowfall! I grew up with at least one snowfall a year and just love how quiet the world becomes - great memories! Thanks for taking me down memory lane ;)

  8. Lovely post...I do love how snow transforms a garden...nice pics!


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