Monday, June 14, 2010

Inspiration - Not Always When You Expect It!

Impatiently driving home from work last week - it seemed like every time I turned a corner, traffic was backed up all the way to the next traffic light.  I like open road and a little speed to feel the wind in my hair!  If I had a rag-top convertable with 5-speed, I might not look back.... 

Me & my 1st car - a 'few' of years ago!

Anyway -- in order to avoid the backup on the main road, I took a shortcut down a sidestreet.  As I tooled down the quiet sidestreet, I checked out folks' landscaping.  Then I saw it - the most innovative landscaping I've ever seen in our area of the suburbs!  The front garden created an oasis - tall grasses, key garden 'anchors' (like Scotch Pine and River Birch) strategically placed, and even a charming small umbrella'd table and chairs in a nook where the home's sidewalk met the driveway.  It stopped me in my tracks (until the next door neighbors came out of their house, so I decided I better keep going)!

Two days later I randomly took the same route.  To my surprise the home owner was out tending to her garden.  On a complete whim, I pulled over to park and went to meet this creator of garden beauty.  I introduced myself and inquired if she was the home's landscape designer...  she was, in fact!  For the next hour, this innovative garden designer took me on a full tour.  The backyard was a treasure trove, garden vignettes everywhere you looked! 

Figuring I had been bold enough to stop for a visit, unannounced - I felt too invasive to take pictures (with my little cell phone camera).  But I will tell you what I learned:

- In 23 years you can create your own garden santuary - even in the suburbs
- Some plants are prolific and even with the 'greenest' of thumbs, some plants aren't
- Wonders will happen for those willing to take the journey - and gardening is a journey
- Gardeners are generous, sharing words of wisdom - even if you're a complete stranger

I've invited my new garden friend to read my blog, I hope she stops by....

Exotic bouquet - not in my garden, but on my desk last week!
(A random photo, just because...)


  1. I hope she stops by too - what a wonderful person to welcome you into her garden and share it's story with you!

  2. That sounds like a good impromptu garden tour and probably the best because you got full attention and you could ask lots of questions and learn a lot. I like the photo of you with your first car.

  3. Hi, Shyrlene. Aren't these random shots of inspriation fantastic? I've been known to stop and talk to homeowners...quite often, actually. It's fascinating how much you can learn. your first car photo!! :)

  4. I suspect she would be thrilled to have you come back and take photos to post on your blog! And I would love to see them!

  5. Shyrlene, Love that photo of the younger you with big hair! Like Deb, I think she would have been thrilled to have you take photos. Next time. -Jean

  6. I've met some very nice people and seen their beautiful gardens on my neighborhood walks. I am not shy about asking to see their gardens , so that helps. So cool to find something special on a detour of life ! Gina

  7. I love the feedback you all have given me! SO good to know that stopping to visit a fellow gardener is something you have done too! (I will look for an opportunity to stop by again and take pictures!) (Thanks for the 'props' on the car photo!) ;o)


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