Tuesday, April 6, 2010

LOL – I thought I was in control?

I have decided that ‘Mother Nature’ must have a great sense of humor. There’s this vision that she just sits back and howls in laughter, as I think I’m in control of my gardens and their successes?!!   …irony abounds…. 

Northern Illinois has been blessed with some phenomenal weather – warm for a week now, with two days of good soaking rains. Buds are exploding all over the garden…. MOST interestingly, the CUT Redtwig dogwood branches I stuck in a big pot on the front stoop for Christmas color in December! Just look at the leafing ….

THIS is growing in a ‘tub full o’ potting soil, and happy as a clam! Do I dare hope I’ve propagated new plants, with sheer dumb luck and Devine Intervention? All I know is that I’m NOT going to touch them and see how far this growth spurt will go. 

My 'Center Glow Ninebark' looks amazing as it starts to bloom! I am infatuated with the color, and will be on a mission to find complimentary plants to show off this beauty. 

I’m also crazy about my ‘Crimson Pixie’ Asiatic Lilies that have run wild…. 

The true irony of all this, is that I can’t take credit for my plant growth success. I was just the catalyst that brought ‘plant to ground’ in my yard, with a little compost and water. Other plants – set in the same environment, have not raised their heads yet…though other garden friends have those plants up out of the ground. 

The ‘Key Lime’ Heuchera or Japanese Painted Fern hasn’t poked up yet. Or the ‘Fire & Ice’ Hosta which was a ‘must have’ last year. So, I’ll sit on pins & needles – listening to Ma Nature cackling in my imagination – waiting for the other plants to show up. Boy, I’m just loving this! (Really, no kidding!) BTW, my body is still recovering from weeding all weekend long – d@mn dandelions!


  1. Shyrlene, This is what I love most about gardening. As gardeners, we may have plans; but what we really do is set a process in motion and then just wait and see what happens. Sometimes what happens doesn't live up to my vision at all; but more often, mother nature is so much better at this than I am! -Jean

  2. I really do think you have some new dogwood there! I might try this as I have a few people that have admired my variegated dogwood and want some - dogwood and willow are very easy to sprout from cut branches I hear.

  3. Yes indeed, old Mother Nature is a fickle mistress. One day she makes stuff sprout, then she kills it a few days later. I am so NOT in control of anything in my garden (except for the piles of mud).

  4. Jean - SO true! I sure would love to grow an Azalea successfully in my lifetime though. I passed by an incredible purple one in someone's garden today - bursting with blooms. (It made me a little nuts!)

    Sylvana - I'm SO hoping this 'sprout' works. I would be so stoked... :)

    IG - She giveth and boy, does she taketh away. She doesn't have to be so glib about it! #@!%

  5. How funny is that bunny dogwood. It looks like the swellings roses get and in the middle there is an insect. Can't think of the name at the time. But what a fun post.

  6. I hope your red twig dogwood has sprouted roots! The oddest similar thing that ever happened to me involved a Frasier Fir Christmas tree. After the holiday one year we threw the cut tree into the woods behind the house to rot. Late the following spring my husband found new growth on it. Upon investigation, the tree had new roots growing where the stump had become covered with mulch and leaves!We actually planted it, hoping it would survive. Alas, our hot summer killed it, as it probably would have a frasier fir with a full root ball, as those trees don't grow this far south.

  7. Just think of the joy when the others burst forth Shyrlene! I'm looking forward to seeing the Japanese Painted Fern when it pops up as I haven't heard of one of these before and it sounds intriguing!


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