Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Garden Journal Becomes the Blog

Who knew that a garden journal would manifest itself into a blog, but it started with a “Mead Composition” notebook?! Five and ½ years of journal entries, sketches, plant tags and cut outs have “evolved” …. (Thanks for the epiphany, Anita!)

Even in my gardening infancy I have had a love-hate relationship with the bunnies in my yard. They appear so sweet & innocent, while they gnaw on my fledgling arborvitae or dappled willow like piranha. The fact that all my surrounding neighbors have fenced in yards with loud, boisterous dogs only exacerbates the situation. “Co-existing” with bunnies in Illinois is a challenge – especially with the change of seasons, they get more ravenous in winter! (It reminds me of Monty Python’s Holy Grail!)

The latest victim of the voracious rabbits…

What used to be an Emerald Green Arborvitae
Thus, the origination of my blog’s name: “The Bunnies’ Buffet – a dilettante’s journey in gardening.”

My discerning husband coined the phrase a few years ago. As he so eloquently said to me, “Why do you get so upset about the bunnies eating your plants, when you provide them a buffet?” I have to admit their audacity still amazes me, as does the bluntness of my husband’s comment.

There has been more than once I’ve come around the corner of the house to find one munching on the tender leaves of some plant-d’ jour, and they look up at me in total disinterest. I walk toward them in a rage, and only then do they scamper off, just out of reach. There is no doubt in my mind; my neighbors think I’m a nut job!

I started a garden journal soon after I planted my first perennials, understanding the limitations of my memory and abbreviated knowledge of gardening! (The garden journal was a suggestion from my garden pal, Lizz). I utilized the graph paper in the journal – to sketch up the backyard, to scale. I drew in the existing trees & reference to the house and back deck.

Sometimes it documented what I planted, sometimes it became a sketch of a future ‘dream garden’. This sketch documented what was growing at the time. You may notice the ‘Porcupine Grass’ on the middle left of the drawing was crossed out. It ‘didn’t make it’ to 2005. You’ll see the Azalea in a pot, in the picture below, where the Knockout Rose used to be. Another fatality…


  1. Nicely done!!! Good to show the bad(before) and the new additions as they come.Growing season is just around the corner!!! I'am really going to try to get a garden in this spring!!

  2. Are you going to build a raised bed this year? With all your gourmet cooking, I envision a lot of creativity in your gardening! BTW, thanks for the feedback!


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