Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stumble Back In ... Can It Have Been THAT Long ?!!

It seems like it was just a while ago that I posted an update ?  Apparently not!

Casual gardening is still a passion and I have become a rabid Instagram user over the last few years.  Posting garden pictures is "instant" gratification (go figure) and the photo eTools are so user-friendly.  Then there is Pinterest - 55 boards and 15,400 pins later, I am hopelessly addicted to imagery (made even easier with a smart phone app that is incredibly accessible).

But today, I impulsively looked back to the online tool that started it all...  Google Blogger, and the Bunnies Buffet.  Looking back at the evolution of my gardens - from 'scratch' to now, there have been big gains.  It was a cool and rainy start to Spring and Summer 2015.  As a result, most plants are very robust and mature.  Like, the gardens finally "grew up" this season!

Front Garden - Summer of 2015
'Dark Towers' Penstemon & Dark Purple Smoke Bush
Front Garden - the Early Years
What a difference a few years make ?!
Front Garden - Back in the Beginning
(Another blank canvas...)
Patience is a lesson learned as a gardener.  Paying attention to the 'little tag' attached to plants makes all the difference.  Slow growers, fast growers - plant sizes - best growing conditions.  Sun, shade, plant life cycles...  and sometimes, if it doesn't grow - it might not be a plant for you?!  

The new "West Wing" Garden (Summer 2015)
Tall Shasta Daisies, Tiger Lilies, Monarda, Center Glow Ninebark, 'Sunset Mexican' Gaillardia, Autumn Joy Sedum
There really isn't a 'before' picture - because it would have just been the Ninebark.  Now it's a wild riot of blooms and color.  Can't wait for it to continue to fill in...

Window view of the backyard gardens - 2015 (
[Cottage Garden - SW corner & Sun Garden - along the house]  
(In 2009 - this was a blank canvas)
Yes - it was this blank.
[Future Sun Garden view]
[Future Cottage Garden - SW corner]
In 6 years there have been triumphs and lessons learned.  Plants that thrived (Stella D 'Ora, Golden Vicary Privet, Hosta, Karl Forester grass, to name a few) and plants that just wouldn't grow for me for more than a year or so (Pink Guara, Moonbeam Coreopsis, Rhododendron and Lavender).  Friends shared plants (Phlox, Iris and Giant Shasta Daisies).  Other plants naturalized when I least expected it (Hollyhock & Monarda).

...And Voila' - blank becomes abundant
[Sun Garden]
(Believe me, it's 'Mother Nature' - all Mother Nature)

Now there is time to enjoy the fruits of labor...

The "Cottage Garden" in full bloom this Summer (2015)
Looking back at all the pictures over time, it's a bit of a surprise at how much has changed...


  1. Shyrlene, Welcome Back! How great to get an update on your garden. Isn't it wonderful to see flower beds mature in such a satisfying way? I love that 'Dark Towers' / smoke bush combination. -Jean

  2. Jean, how wonderful to hear from you! Cannot wait to catch up with garden blog friends. It has been very rewarding to see the gardens fill in and take the shape of those garden journal sketches from long ago. :) -Shyrlene

  3. What a huge change! It all looks awesome! Welcome back! :o)

  4. I love before, during and after photos! I should be out in my own wilderness here, but had to spend a few minutes soaking in all the changes you have made. Amazing work!

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